The Bella Bardot All-Natural, Beauty, Body Care and Pure Products Line is a labor of love put together to offer my family’s secret potions and herbal recipes which have been handed down in my family from generation to generation.  We offer an excellent array of high quality, all pure and natural hand-poured scrubs, mists, balms, body butters, lotions, perfume, candles and other toiletries.  The special scents that we have formulated through the years were created using specific herbs, flowers, plants and spices, well known and heralded for their magical qualities connected to love, prosperity, beauty, longevity, protection and success.

All of our Bella Bardot’s products are all-natural and 100% pure.   Each jar is given personal attention as we individually add the herbs and flowers to each unit. Since these products have been developed using nature’s ancient secrets, we gratefully respect nature in return by preserving the Earth’s forests and biodiversity.  Using 100% recyclable packaging, we are devoted to recycling and composting our raw materials in every way, and we always refrain from using secondary packaging; all for the benefit of keeping our air and waters clean, for all our generations to come.  Our products are never, never tested on animals.   All of Bella Bardot’s products are either 100% Vegan or 100% Vegetarian, depending on the product, and they all meet Kosher Standards.


“I believe our Earth is full of riches, and an abundance of everything that we need and desire is at our fingertips!” 
                                                                                                                                                                     --Bella Bardot


The beautiful thing about the Bella Bardot line is that it is like no other on the market today-- you have wonderful, pure products with natural and organic ingredients assuring a high quality product for your skin--using recipes that have been known for centuries to manifest love, wealth, protection, and success.  We combine scientifically-proven ingredients with century-proven recipes to open the gates to healthy skin, happiness and beauty.

Made with great care and attention to detail by True Apothecary for Bella Bardot; using ingredients and herbal recipes that Bella shared with them in order to develop this one of a kind line. Products made specifically to beautify, nurture and pamper your skin, while having magical qualities that have been long revered for centuries!

Bella Bardot, the Incredibly Beneficial, All-Natural,
Beauty, Body Care and Pure Products Line
…with a little bit of nature’s magic.

***Although all of our products are all natural and some may even sound yummy, they are NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. They are blended together to be used on the skin, and any other use is not recommended by Bella Bardot.  Our products are completely pure and natural, but as with any skin care product, discontinue use if rash or irritation appear.


Bella Bardot supports the following organizations:

• Operation Smile

• Doctor’s Without Borders

• St. Judes Children’s Hospital

• Alzheimer’s Association

• California Breast Cancer Research Program

• Ronald McDonald House

• Freedom From Hunger



• Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

• Citizens For Global Solutions

• Save the Children

• Susan G. Comen For the Cure

American Heart Association         

End Hunger


Bella Bardot is a proud member of the following:

So…. Who is ?

Bella Bardot is the woman behind the exclusive natural skin care, beauty and fragrance collection. Developer of hand-made recipes handed down for specific uses to uplift the spirit and mind. Bella uses the "secret magic" behind plants, herbs, flowers, and spices provided by Mother Nature to obtain specific results in beauty, love, and success. All of Bella’s products are hand stirred, hand-poured and hand-wrapped. To own a Bella Bardot product is to own a one-of-a- kind  luxury that is made in small batches so that it’s given intentions (for love, money, protection, etc.) flow forth in support of healthy looking skin, a clear mind, and a free spirit! No artificial colorants or masking agents, never tested on animals, and all developed in mind to promote the benefits of all- natural products on the skin, body and mind.

Experience the art of Fernando Fernandez


“A very special thank you, to all of you who have shared your comments with me regarding my products.  I feel fortunate that you have allowed me into your homes and your lives. You are the Best part of our lives!” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Bella


If you have any comments after using my products,
I would love to hear from you!

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