I love [the Love Balm and the Love Scrub] and in all honesty, it totally makes a big difference in the way a guy reacts! It's awesome.

- Marielee C. from Burbank, California

I only want to say THANK YOU!!!! Without you I would have never “seen” him! I feel completely fortunate to have heard of Bella Bardot!

-Elizabeth A. from Silverlake, California

Absolutely LOVE the Love Balm! It smells wonderful and I think everyone should always welcome love into their lives! THANKS BELLA FOR THE GREAT PRODUCTS!

-Millie E. from Miami, Florida

Your products aren’t just spectacular… they are truly TRULY Magical!!!!!

-Mari C from Van Nuys, California

Bella!!!! My friends have gone absolutely wild about your products! They ARE magical!  I don’t know what it is, but that Love Scrub is working wonders! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Jennifer W. from Austin, Texas

I have to thank you for your products!  I swear I can never go wrong with any of them.  Keep up the good work in making people happy, sexy and beautiful!

-Stacy B. from Manhattan, New York

I actually met your grandmother this week and I could not believe her beauty, her mind and her energy at 103 years old—I wouldn’t have believed it if I wouldn’t have seen it! I wouldn’t change your products in for anything—they are my special “secret”!  The last one that I purchased, the Protection Scrub, makes me feel like a whole other person.  It lifted my energy and I felt very “light” immediately!

-Maritza A from Kuna, Idaho

Bella, want to thank u, for the wonderful scrubs, the Champagne Spritzer, and best, the Diosa Oil; boy they really work and make you feel very SEXY! Keep up the good work and make some more....all you guys in my fb and ones I don’t know should just try at least one of her scrubs., they are phenomenal!!!!!!

-Sandra C. from Downey, California

I am a cop and I would never, ever believe that anything like this might even remotely work… you proved me wrong a couple of times so far with the Money Scrub—even if it is pure coincidence—my overtime has not stopped (and I’m in California) and at least once a week I have been getting these random, small checks in the mail for refunds and overpayments—stuff I just wasn’t expecting.  I think there is something to your stuff—and my wife appreciates my skin now too—who would have thought?

-Michael K. from Riverside, California

Bella, you just have to be my Matron of Honor, this would have never happened if it wouldn’t be for the Love Scrub!!!!!

-Monica M. from Lancaster, California

I have to admit, I used the Champagne Sparkling Mist and won salesman of the month at my dealership that month!

-Peter B. from Cerritos, California

I want to burn your money incense everyday continuously forever—that smell is soooo incredibly goooood!!!! I burn it in my place of business and I have noticed my customer base has multiplied! Thank you Bella!

-Amy D. from Toledo Ohio

That body butter! That body butter! I feel absolutely powerful as if I could conquer all with it!

-Tina S. from Denver, Colorado

I just cannot be without your “Diosa” perfume! Everyone stops me to ask me what it is I’m wearing!

-Vivica J. from Las Vegas, Nevada

Bella… [My husband] and I stopped being intimate six months ago—I was afraid I was losing him, and I for sure thought he was having an affair.  I started using the Love Scrub and the Love Balm in combination with the Love Candle, and within a few days it was obvious that he started noticing meagain. Now I can’t keep him off of me, and our relationship is better than ever.  Thank You Bella, for saving my marriage!

-Delmy R. from Washington D.C.

[Bella]… Did you feel the earthquake last night?  We used the Love Scrub for the first time!

-Regina J. from Winnetka, California

“My girlfriend gave me your La Vie En Rose and I was able to close a huge deal  that same week. They practically begged me—“ 

-Eric W. Manhattan Beach, CA

“I heard you speaking in an engagement in Los Angeles. Listening to you is like getting advice from Venus or Aphrodite herself! Thank you!”

-Janet R. Palos Verdes, CA

“A very special thank you, to all of you who have shared your comments with me regarding my products.  I feel fortunate that you have allowed me into your homes and your lives. You are the Best part of our lives!” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Bella


If you have any comments after using my products,
I would love to hear from you!

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